Scott Kelly is a full service General Contrator providing Green home building and home remodeling services, he provides Green Building/Energy Efficiency Advising and Verification Services for “existing” and “new build”.

Through Building Science and Energy technology he delivers solutions for Near Net Zero and Net Zero residential building professionals. 

Upon getting licensed as a general contractor, Scott went through a program called, “Clean Energy Work Force program” offering a number of certifications in building science and green building.  This was a time the energy codes were changing in California in phases culminating to the new ordinance that all new California single family homes will have to be net-zero (ZNE) starting January 2020.  California started out with Cal Green Code which entailed recycling the building materials, then the code involving limiting the VOC (volatile organic compounds) that leads to off-gassing in building materials such as paints and glues.  Then there’s Title 24 Part 6, which mandates energy efficiency at tighter standard.  This involves air sealing, super-insulating, dual pane windows, and sufficient ventilations.  Scott focuses on the whole house as a system as building scientist and building analyst, which differentiates his services. 

While some consumers start to know more about high performance homes, most contractors are still behind in catching up with the new building codes and technologies available to build more green while some younger contractors may be jazzed to learn more about green building. 

Scott offers a package where he would work with the G.C.s to install some of the energy efficiency measures so that G.C. would have exposure and experience to integrate those features in their building process.

Scott can be found on his website:  KellyGreen.Build

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