Dav Camras is a staunch environmentalist, started his business, HouseSmart Green Solutions after departing from the non-profit sector in 2008. Today, through House Smart Green Solutions and HERSRaterLA, Dav brings home energy efficiency and resourse conservation to homeowners and businesses across the Los Angeles basin. Through home energy consulting, air balancing and special inspections for heating and air conditioning, Dav works to ensure his clients’ homes and businesses are working as efficiently as possible.

Dav explains what he does as a “home comfort and energy efficiency expert,” a.k.a., “indoor climate designer” per his wife.  Unlike most contractors, he offers an unbiased solution for people’s comfort and energy efficiency in their homes.  He has the trained and critical eyes to look at the complex systems that makes up a house in a wholistic approach to determine how a house can achieve the optimum comfort and efficiency.

Also as a HERS rater, he inspect homes for energy efficiency.  HERS (“Home Energy Rating System”), which evaluate the energy efficiency of a house, throughout the U.S. and Canada.   

With some interesting actual stories from his experiences including his own home examples, he illustrates why services like his are extremely helpful to determine the most efficient way to heat and cool a home before installing a new equipment such as solar panels. 

Dav Camras can be reached at:



Or you can always reach him at:   818.936.9597